Protomatter Software v1.1.7

Package com.protomatter.util

A collection of utility classes.


Interface Summary
Cache A generic interface for caches.

Class Summary
Base64 Base64 encoder/decoder.
BasicAuthUtil A utility class that provides methods for checking and requiring basic authentication in servlets.
BlockingQueue A thread-blocking queue.
ByteDisplay A binary data printer.
DatabaseUtil Database-related utility class.
ExpiringSoftReferenceCache A cache that uses soft references and will also expire cache values after a given period of time.
MessageConstants Constants for messages loaded from resource bundles.
MIMEAttachment This class is used in conjunction with the MIMEMessage class to make a multipart MIME message.
MIMEMessage A MIME encoded message.
Mutex A mutex.
OpTimer A benchmarking utility class.
OpTimerUtil A utility class for parsing log files with timer traces.
ProtoProperties A Properties object that allows in-line file imports.
ProtoStringTokenizer A string tokenizer.
SoftReferenceCache A cache that uses soft references.
StringUtil Utility methods for manipulating strings.
WorkQueue A work queue.

Exception Summary
ChainedException An exception which chains another exception.
ChainedRuntimeException A runtime exception which chains another exception.
MalformedMIMEAttachmentException An exception thrown when a MIME attachement is improperly formatted.
MIMEException An exception pertaining to MIME messages.

Package com.protomatter.util Description

A collection of utility classes. Error messages used as part of selected classes can be generated in different languages. Simply add a new resource (named com/protomatter/util/Resources) to your classpath for the new language. For instance, to add French error messages, you would copy the existing file com/protomatter/util/ and make a new file called com/protomatter/util/ and place it in the CLASSPATH. Please see the JavaDoc for the java.util.ResourceBundle class for more information.

Protomatter Software v1.1.7
Copyright 1998-2002 Nate Sammons

Protomatter Software v1.1.7