Protomatter Software v1.1.7

Package com.protomatter.pool

An object pooling framework.


Interface Summary
ObjectPool The interface for a generic object pool.
ObjectPoolObject An object that's to be used within the context of an ObjectPool.

Class Summary
GrowingObjectPool An ObjectPool implementation that has an initial size and an optional max size.
MessageConstants Constants for messages loaded from resource bundles.
SimpleObjectPool A minimal implementation of an ObjectPool.

Exception Summary
PoolException An exception related to Object Pools.

Package com.protomatter.pool Description

An object pooling framework. Every error message shown by the pool framework can displayed in a different language. Simply add a new resource (named com/protomatter/pool/Resources) to your classpath for the new language. For instance, to add French error messages, you would copy the existing file com/protomatter/pool/ and make a new file called com/protomatter/pool/ and place it in the CLASSPATH. Please see the JavaDoc for the java.util.ResourceBundle class for more information.

Protomatter Software v1.1.7
Copyright 1998-2002 Nate Sammons

Protomatter Software v1.1.7