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Protomatter Software v1.1.8

Package com.protomatter.syslog.commons

Apache Jakarta Commons Logging integration.


Class Summary
SyslogChannelLog An implementation of the org.apache.commons.logging.Log interface.
SyslogChannelLogFactory A subclass of the org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory class.

Package com.protomatter.syslog.commons Description

Apache Jakarta Commons Logging integration. See for more information.

Adapter classes for configuring the Commons Logging system to use Syslog as the log implementation.

You can configure the Commons Logging system by creating a file called "" in your CLASSPATH with the following properties:

Then you can write code like this:

And the commons log API will route all calls to Syslog. The name of the Log instance is used as the channel name to send messages to. The isTraceEnabled() and isDebugEnabled() methods are passthroughs to the on() method of and instance of the Debug class with the same name as the Log instance.

Note that if you use these classes, and don't have Syslog configured to compute the caller class and method, then the caller name in your logs will be incorrect. This is because the Apache Jakarta Commons Logging API doesn't have a mechanism for directly getting a reference to the caller.

Protomatter Software v1.1.8
Copyright 1998-2002 Nate Sammons

Protomatter Software v1.1.8