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Protomatter Software v1.1.7

Package com.protomatter.syslog.jmx

JMX integration.


Interface Summary
SyslogMBean Syslog MBean interface.

Class Summary
Syslog Syslog MBean implementation.

Package com.protomatter.syslog.jmx Description

JMX integration. Currently, it has only been tested with JBoss. To get JBoss to configure Syslog when it boots, add the following to your jboss.mlet file:

Then put the protomatter jar and the JDom jar files in your "lib/ext" directory for JBoss. Syslog will try and load a file called syslog.xml located in the same directory as the jboss.mlet file.

Protomatter Software v1.1.7
Copyright 1998-2002 Nate Sammons

Protomatter Software v1.1.7